Princess Central

or, how to save a life

This is where you should look if you want to help out the B'Shaloms with food, visiting, housework, expenses, or basically anything else. Thank you in advance!

  • Meal, visit, and help coordination. If you'd like to cook Miryam a meal and don't know what to cook, please contact me at joey at snerk dot net. I have Miryam-safe recipes, which I will at some point put online.
  • Gift a meal through Full Belly Fare, our friend Lyla's catering service (she ships us food)
  • Rules for visiting (please read before coming over!)
  • Buy the princess a happy!
  • Still Life With Spoons, the chronic illness blog
  • Cancer is expensive, even with good insurance. Our family pays hundreds to thousands of dollars out of pocket every month to ensure that Miryam gets all the meds she needs and has any quality of life at all. Donations to help defray these expenses are always welcome. PayPal us at if you'd like to help, and thank you.