the plaid ranch house of blessed memory

or, how I learned to be fabulous

The Plaid Ranch House was a Net hangout of mine from 1995 until around 2000 or so. It was an offshoot of the Kate Mulgrew Appreciation Society's mailing list. The member the PRH were dear friends for a number of years; they were the first people to whom I came out, other than my then-husband. Though the PRH mailing list is largely inactive now, we still check in with each other from time to time.

Recently I pulled the remnants of the old site from the Internet Wayback Machine, reassembled everything more or less into working order, and slapped it online just for the hell of it. (Not all the links work, and will not in the future, but it's mostly complete.) What follows is a snapshot of my days in Star Trek fandom. I was a lot younger and a lot less clued about a lot of things (oh Lordy, wasn't I), but it was fun.

(Oh, and also, I was a big, big dork. This will become obvious if you click on the link below. We all have our sordid pasts. Don't mock the afflicted.)

Click here to peek into the past and visit the Plaid Ranch House.