talking stick/circle

macedon + peg = love

"Stories are sacred. Stories remind us of who we are. So long as we remember our stories, we will not forget our ancestors or where we come from. We will not forget ourselves."
-- Chakotay, "Talking Stick"
This is my copy of the seminal work of "Star Trek: Voyager" fan fiction, the Talking Stick/Circle series. I quote from the official TS/C site, now available only at the Internet Archive:
A remarkable "braided novel" of 8 stories and novellas which Macedon wrote in tandem with the equally remarkable Peg Robinson. Too sprawling (in the grand sense) in scale and reach to reduce to a mere synopsis; let us just say that this is Voyager unfettered and red in tooth and claw, such as Paramount with its nice tidy pander-to-the-demographics mentality could only dream of producing.
The archive for the official site for Macedon's fan fiction can be found here. Peg used to have a fanfic site at AOL, but she took it down years ago.

I first read these stories on Usenet not long after they were posted to alt.startrek.creative, when I was in college and immediately after I graduated. They were then, and are now, the single finest work of fiction I've read online, apart from Plaidder's Women on Fire series. They changed the way I think and the way I view the world.

I've stored local copies of these incredible stories because they changed me, and I firmly believe they should never be lost, either to the Star Trek fanfic community or to the world.

Talking Stick [Macedon]
Circle [Peg]
A Cherished Alienation [Macedon]
The Red Queen's Repose [Peg]
Walking Across Egypt [Macedon]
Raisins and Almonds [Peg]
Otterskin [Macedon and Peg]
The Rose and the Yew Tree [Peg and Macedon]