new pants, wooo

13 February 1999

So I finally broke down and went shopping today. I've been putting it off for a while, what with buying a car and a house and everything and needing to scrounge all the cash I can get my carpal-tunnel-ridden little hands on. But Billy said JC Penney's was having a clearance on cordouroy pants, so I thought I might pop on over after work and inquire. I'm normally a hard-and-fast jeans girl, but since I own exactly two pairs of jeans at the moment, and they're beginning to fade, I decided to break my habit and pick up something... different. Ooooh... change. *shudder*

I dragged myself over to the Westminster Mall after work and found out that Penney's had utterly cleared the store of anything remotely resembling cords. Weird. (Although one of the sales droids explained this to me by saying, in a very reasonable tone of voice, that cords are "more of a winter item." Gee. Really? And what season are we in now in Colorado, hmm? Summer? *slap* It's furkin' February.) After hunting around a bit and marveling at the number of old people that come out of the woodwork during the daytime in the mall, I finally found some cords on a clearance rack at Sears. It seems every department store in the mall has a mysterious dearth of plain old cordouroy pants -- in women's clothing, anyway. I hate it when I have to buy men's clothing just to find something cool to wear.

I've got these dark brown cords on right now. They're quite comfortable. Although I'm not sure what's up with this baggy thing. I feel like a rapper. Now, if I looked like Gwen Stefani (of No Doubt), this would look much more normal. But my geek gut precludes the tight-tank-top-with-baggy-jeans look. *sigh* Nonetheless.

You KNOW... come to think of it, I haven't quite figured out the baggy pants thing yet. These things I have on are about as baggy as I can stand them, but I have seen much, MUCH worse. Like for example, these fifteen-year-old boys that run around suburbia pretending to be gangstas. You KNOW the ones I'm talking about. They're the white boys with the ski hats, the pants that droop down around their knees, the hockey jerseys... all that. Oh, and they speak fluent Ebonics, trying to sound like a k3wl rAppA!!@@! *rolls eyes* Please. These children look like their britches are trying to catch up with them. The damn things are death if you're trying to skateboard, too. Ever seen a homeboy try to take a curb and trip himself up on his jeans, cause they're hanging over the edge of his board? Trust me, it's funny. I can't help myself... every time I see one these white boys in the mall trying to act like a bad-ass rapper, I start snickering. Especially since most of the time the kid looks like his clothes were draped on him like a clothes horse, cause they're too big for him. The temptation to yell, "Dammit, boy! Pull up your pants!" is just too great. *snicker*

I'm just too old. That's all it is.