my funny girl

19 April 2007

So I was in the kitchen this morning getting ready for work and trying to wake up without the benefit of sweet, sweet caffeine. My lovely and talented girlfriend, Miryam, was being her generous self and fixing me a quick breakfast, so that I might not perish before lunchtime. Being a helpful butch as I am, I opened one of the doors to the cabinet where the dishes live and grabbed a large dinner plate to hold my eggs and toast.

"Why are you getting a big plate?" inquired my beloved. (We generally use smaller, salad-type plates unless there's an avalanche of food requiring the big plates.)

"Because all the small plates are in the dishwasher, or at least I assume they are, because they're not here."

Wordlessly, she opened the other cabinet door, revealing a neat stack of small plates sitting innocently on the opposite side of where they normally reside.

"Well, dammit, how did those get there?" I asked, feeling foolish.

"I think Erich put them away when he was here last. Clearly he's... dish-lexic. Ahahaha."

Groan. I had to refrain from smacking her arm just on general principles for that horrifyingly bad pun. I think it traumatized me for life... oy.