joey's life lessons

18 November 1998

Things of which I have become solidly convinced over the years:

  1. There is no hope in this pathetic existence without God.

  2. When it looks like you can't take it anymore, you can usually find the reserves to pull it together for one more day.

  3. I am a sarcastic, cynical, bitter and twisted computer geek with no life and five computers. I am a bitch and I don't give a damn what people think any more. This is one definition of progress.

  4. Being real with yourself, no matter how painful it is, is infinitely better than trying to cover up who you are. Even if you don't like what you find sometimes, do whatever it takes to get real and find out who you really are, or die trying.

  5. REAL friends will stick by you in the darkest times and are a precious gift from a loving God.

  6. Not everything you grew up believing is necessarily right. The church has been known to be wrong before.

  7. Jesus is much bigger than His followers.

  8. Working graveyard shift is a wonderful time for introspection and hashing things out with a good friend or with God.

  9. Working graveyard shift for four months in a row will fuck your body up beyond all recognition. You will never, ever know what day it is while you are working graves.

  10. Money sucks.

  11. People are, generally speaking, morons. If you find someone that isn't, count your blessings and hang on to them.