lucky number seven?

11 November 1998

[ b'elanna torres ] I dreamed the other night I was on board the USS Voyager. This in itself is not unusual. Every Trekkie geek dreams about their favorite ship once in a while (they're lying if they tell you any different, too). What made this dream weird is I dreamed that I was Lt. Torres and I was showing Seven of 36D -- errm, I mean, Seven of Nine -- how to operate a bottle opener.

This disturbed me.

Not the bottle opener; that didn't particularly bother me. I figure it indicates a subconscious craving for beer. Which is fine.

[ seven of nine ] What makes me wonder is why I dreamed about Seven. I don't even really like Seven that much. Actually that's wrong; I don't mind Seven, and I actually like what Jeri Ryan's done with the character. It's the concept of the thing that bothers me. I think she's Paramount's idea of a quickie solution to sagging ratings -- a situation which would be much exacerbated if there were more people like me and fewer 18-24 year old drooling het boys watching the show. I don't particularly care for the idea that everything can be made better by stuffing a tall blond into a skin-tight catsuit and giving her four-inch heels. Poor Jeri; I can't imagine how she breathes in that thing.

Anyway. The weirdest part of the dream is after I, as Torres, showed Seven how the bottle opener worked, she grabbed me and kissed me. Big time.

[ captain kathryn
janeway ] Well. You can imagine my puzzlement when I woke up. I mean, I really don't see Torres and Seven together, to begin with... it's fairly obvious from the show that they don't have much use for each other.

The Freudian implications also worry me. I don't like blonds, and I hate to think my subconscious is telling me The Powers That Be at Paramount were right about throwing Seven into the mix after all. Hell, if I was going to kiss anyone on the show, it would be the captain, not the Blond Bimbo Borg. Seven is SO not my type. Oh well.

I think I need to get out more.

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