to-do list

18 March 2003

I got this idea from Nicole and thought what with the war coming up and all, I might as well put this list up. It helps to keep some perspective. Herewith, I present the (incomplete) List of Shit I Must Do Before I Die:

  1. Visit the Louvre and see the Mona Lisa in person
  2. Visit the Sistine Chapel and see the ceiling in person
  3. Go diving in the Caribbean
  4. Hike across Europe
  5. Visit New Zealand
  6. Take my best friend from high school to Europe, like we promised each other to do when we were in tenth grade
  7. Buy a house down South
  8. Live down South again
  9. Give money regularly to my alma mater
  10. Drink an espresso in Italy
  11. Drink wine and eat cheese in France
  12. Drive an RV all over the country
  13. Go skydiving
  14. Learn a martial art
  15. Lose my flab and keep it off
  16. Weight train regularly
  17. Track down my friend Mary from college
  18. Learn mad bartending skillz
  19. Learn computer and traditional animation
  20. Get a Powerbook
  21. Post an entry from every wireless cafe I can find in Europe
  22. Drink a Guinness in a pub in Ireland
  23. Learn guitar
  24. Learn drums
  25. Get another couple of tattoos
  26. Get an industrial piercing
  27. Learn tattooing
  28. Spend as much time with my nieces as possible
  29. Open a coffeeshop
  30. Get my stuff shown at an art gallery
  31. Learn how to brew beer
  32. Learn watercolor
  33. Learn trumpet
  34. Finagle my way into a marching band again
  35. See the North Mississippi Allstars play in Oxford
  36. Meet the Indigo Girls (and try not to drool all over myself)
  37. Kiss my wife in a hot air balloon
  38. See Women On Fire published , despite stupid agents and idiotic publishers... hey, it's a dream list, right?