murphy rules my world

18 March 1999

I need a vacation.

I mean, I really, really need a vacation. Either that, or I need to get seriously drunk.

I can tell I'm in need of a break because my concentration is completely shot to hell. My mind has a tendency to go in about ten different directions with everything that needs to be done, and that's just at work. Right now I'm at work, and I am filtering my queue for tickets; reading up on the specs for a website I'm supposed to be building; checking my mail; talking on IRC; reading an online journal; adding a login account for some luser; and, of course, writing this entry. Gah. Having the attention span of a gnat has its advantages, I suppose, but I don't like it. I'm getting a damn headache.

Burnout approacheth. Yes, I know I'm bitching; no, I don't care. The whole reason for this little rant is that I am finally going to take one of my vacation days next week and go to Kansas to visit Cynthia. All fine and good. So what do I get in my email this morning?

A request for this entire project that I'm working on to be done by Monday. The web site project. The one that is going to require at least two Perl scripts to generate a report on service level agreements for the entire Americas Resolution Center.

Monday? MONDAY?? I don't BLOODY well think so! The ONLY thing that is going to be going on from Saturday until Wednesday is me snuggling on the couch with an extremely attractive woman, watching Xena videotapes. There will be NO Perl, NO web site design, NO voice mail, NO thinking about anything to do with work. I am going to RELAX. The hell with the deadline.

*grumble mutter*

I swear I'm going to start smoking pot. At least then I won't care.