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08/22/2022 02:34 PM
long gay weekend
Partner and I took Thursday and Friday off for the specific purpose of hanging out and being gay together, which was very nice, as we haven't  really had the chance to do that before. Next time I think we need a week.

Thursday we did what my partner calls "parallel play", where they worked on some electronics projects they have going on and I spent a lot of time in my garage woodworking shop braving my third ever attempt at dovetails. (I'm making a box for the Shabbat candles that's big enough to hold a full 72 candle box and will look prettier than the cardboard box currently sitting in the hutch.) It took me until the very last set to realize I had cut all the other sets backwards. sigh. I nearly ragequit the whole thing -- I had already sweated over sizing all the pieces correctly and good workholding is still very much in progress on my bench -- but then kind of shrugged, said "fuck it, I might as well finish" and carried on. I was very brave about it. (I was not brave at all and whined a lot, but I did keep at it.) Shockingly, the correctly-cut dovetails had a decent friction fit and the other three sets...very did not. Alas. I glued it up anyway and called it progress.

Friday we went to the art museum (yay!). I haven't been to the art museum maybe since I moved back here in 2015 because at first I 
just didn't have time due to caregiving, and then because going to the art museum by myself was the world's most depressing thought. We did two exhibits and then left for less overstimulating climes, and also to hit a late afternoon farmer's market in hopes of finding good things for dinner, something I also have not done since well before Plague Times. The farmer's market turned out to be one of those that has very little in the way of actual farmers or produce -- there was one produce stand out of the dozen or so in attendance -- so we revised plans and went to a nearby little gourmet market where they make their own pasta from scratch. We also picked up some empanadas for breakfast (I love not having to cook on Shabbat). Shabbat dinner was orecchiette in (store-made) red sauce with basil and rosemary from the garden with a kale/white bean/roasted garlic skillet thing on the side for protein. It was... so fucking good, for real. We ate it again for dinner the next two nights.

Shabbat was sleeping in, empanadas, and more woodworking time. I did some work on my bench to make the workholding not suck as much. I set up our new WAP/router. We ordered in dinner and hung out enjoying each other's company.

Sunday I did some more shop maintenance, got the box bottom chopped out (rabbets, baby), started mortising in the hinges for the lid, and glued up the box bottom. It's gappy, probably because the rabbets are a bit uneven, but I'm willing to live with it -- this is all a learning process. I've been doing actual woodworking (that isn't building a work bench) for only about nine months, and only on weekends and the occasional weeknight at that, so I need to remember to cut myself some slack. I'm in the stage where I'm very much still learning the basics but want to Make Useful Things but don't quite have the skills yet to make them, or to make them in a way that won't frustrate me. Getting there.

Today was back to work, of course. Hopefully I can grab some time this evening to get the hinges fitted on the box lid and maybe start applying finish. Whee!

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03/09/2022 02:33 PM
memories of livejournal
Someone on the blue hellsite (not the bird site, the other one) pointed out that Russia is closing off Internet access and this means LiveJournal may disappear for the rest of the world at some point soon. Obviously there are much, much bigger problems right now, even just related to Russia isolating its citizens from the global Internet; the disappearance of a basically-dead journaling site doesn't rate at all. Still, it prompted me to log back in to my old LJ account to save what I could from it Just In Case. Here is what I have learned from this adventure, in no particular order:

1) I used to blog a lot, wow.
2) I was... such a fucking obnoxious little asshole, holy shit. How did anyone stand me? Current Me would smack 2001 Me repeatedly for being annoying, mean, and attempting to cover my blazing insecurity by being a swaggering, self-righteous prick. Jesus christ.
3) I'm so glad I'm no longer in my twenties.
4) I only started becoming a Real Person once I turned thirty. I had a big glow-up where I grew a personality and it was a good move.
5) There are essentially no tools left to easily download your journal entries, but right-clicking and using "Save Page As..." still works. It's depressingly manual and tedious, mind you, but it does work.
6) Apparently at some point twenty years ago I had decided to go back to school for animation? Obviously I never did it but I can't tell from my LJ entries why I didn't. It wasn't because I acquired a family, because this decision was almost three years before $WIFE and I met. It is a mystery.
7) The Purimgifts community still exists? And is still running a yearly fic-a-thon?? They posted an update today???
8) Nobody I know has posted in their LiveJournals in at least ten years. It's a graveyard in there... spooky.
9) There used to be so many personal blogging sites on the Web. How do we bring that back? It was cool.
10) My relationship with my parents has gotten much better in the past twenty years, which is both depressing and a good thing.
11) My sister had a brief fling with blogging and her blog was called "A Day at Satan's Whorehouse". God I love her.

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12/28/2021 12:40 PM
a Q&A with yossi
Q: Do I want to work this week?
A: No. No, I do not.

Q: Did I foolishly not take PTO between xmas and New Years due to a lack of foresight?
A: Yes. Yes, I did. I am (allegedly) working this week, alas.

Q: Do I regret this?
A: Yes. Yes, I do.

Q: Am I actually working, though?
A: ...I plead the Fifth.

Q: Do I have to go to my daily standup meeting and give a report on what I've accomplished each day this week anyway, thus requiring Cleverness and Trickery on my part?
A: Yes. Yes, I do.

Q: Did my "work" yesterday consist of organizing and cleaning out my office of a year's worth of detritus while listening to trans punk bands?
A: Yes. Yes, it did.

Q: Did I just order myself breakfast because I don't want to get out of my recliner and make myself something?
A: Yes. Yes, I did.

Q: Is writing this entry possibly a way to put off the "going to work" portion of my day?
A: ...Yes. Yes, it is.

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12/21/2021 05:09 PM
Workbench triumph!
So I've been building this work bench for woodworking for a *mumble* number of months and finally have managed to get it done. This is by way of being a huge accomplishment for me, particularly since I had a solid couple of months post top-surgery where I was not allowed to lift anything heavier than a fork. Pictures! (click thumbnails to enlarge):

After putting the casters on the legs. The damn thing probably weighs a couple of hundred pounds, so pushing it around without wheels on is out of the question:
workbench after putting casters on the legs

Closeup of the joinery on the top of one of the leg pieces (is it terrible joinery? yes. will I stop? no):
mortise and tenon joinery on the leg pieces, with pegs for extra support

workbench after putting cross-piece braces on

Complete! Mostly!
workbench after putting the top on

It still needs the planing beam and planing stop, and I had to re-seat one of the top pieces to sink the bolt heads properly, but it's a work bench now! Yay!

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11/26/2021 01:46 PM
day of pies
Th*nksg*v*ng is a bullshit "holiday" and I do not celebrate it. However, it was my wife's (z"l) favorite day of the year other than her birthday, so today is when I get together with my kids, eat a lot of food, remember the Glitter Princess, and consume pie in frankly terrifying quantities.

Speaking of pies, I did in fact survive the store on Sunday and was able to get the pies made well under the wire yesterday. It's amazing how well things go when I don't have to do it all myself and can get stuff done ahead of time. The sour cream apple pie that is $KID3's favorite turned out well, I think -- I've never made it on my own, so I was nervous. The pecan pies... well, I couldn't help myself because I am, as my partner would say, a fancy broad, so I made brown butter and bourbon pecan pie instead of regular. They smell insanely good so I hope they taste as good as they smell.

I am being summoned to set the table. More later.

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