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12/28/2021 12:40 PM
a Q&A with yossi
Q: Do I want to work this week?
A: No. No, I do not.

Q: Did I foolishly not take PTO between xmas and New Years due to a lack of foresight?
A: Yes. Yes, I did. I am (allegedly) working this week, alas.

Q: Do I regret this?
A: Yes. Yes, I do.

Q: Am I actually working, though?
A: ...I plead the Fifth.

Q: Do I have to go to my daily standup meeting and give a report on what I've accomplished each day this week anyway, thus requiring Cleverness and Trickery on my part?
A: Yes. Yes, I do.

Q: Did my "work" yesterday consist of organizing and cleaning out my office of a year's worth of detritus while listening to trans punk bands?
A: Yes. Yes, it did.

Q: Did I just order myself breakfast because I don't want to get out of my recliner and make myself something?
A: Yes. Yes, I did.

Q: Is writing this entry possibly a way to put off the "going to work" portion of my day?
A: ...Yes. Yes, it is.

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12/21/2021 05:09 PM
Workbench triumph!
So I've been building this work bench for woodworking for a *mumble* number of months and finally have managed to get it done. This is by way of being a huge accomplishment for me, particularly since I had a solid couple of months post top-surgery where I was not allowed to lift anything heavier than a fork. Pictures! (click thumbnails to enlarge):

After putting the casters on the legs. The damn thing probably weighs a couple of hundred pounds, so pushing it around without wheels on is out of the question:
workbench after putting casters on the legs

Closeup of the joinery on the top of one of the leg pieces (is it terrible joinery? yes. will I stop? no):
mortise and tenon joinery on the leg pieces, with pegs for extra support

workbench after putting cross-piece braces on

Complete! Mostly!
workbench after putting the top on

It still needs the planing beam and planing stop, and I had to re-seat one of the top pieces to sink the bolt heads properly, but it's a work bench now! Yay!

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11/26/2021 01:46 PM
day of pies
Th*nksg*v*ng is a bullshit "holiday" and I do not celebrate it. However, it was my wife's (z"l) favorite day of the year other than her birthday, so today is when I get together with my kids, eat a lot of food, remember the Glitter Princess, and consume pie in frankly terrifying quantities.

Speaking of pies, I did in fact survive the store on Sunday and was able to get the pies made well under the wire yesterday. It's amazing how well things go when I don't have to do it all myself and can get stuff done ahead of time. The sour cream apple pie that is $KID3's favorite turned out well, I think -- I've never made it on my own, so I was nervous. The pecan pies... well, I couldn't help myself because I am, as my partner would say, a fancy broad, so I made brown butter and bourbon pecan pie instead of regular. They smell insanely good so I hope they taste as good as they smell.

I am being summoned to set the table. More later.

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11/22/2021 03:05 AM
The Cryptid's eldest fuzzy daughter, The Void,  is tolerating snuggles from Criminal Bastard Man, my devious yet sweet tuxie boy. This is by way of being unprecedented behavior, as The Void is twelve pounds of pure muscle and has never fully accepted the presence of my cats in her realm. Could they be experiencing the human emotion of friendship?? Time will tell!

I managed to somehow stay up until an ungodly hour (I say, as if this isn't my natural state when left unsupervised), resulting in a late wake-up, late breakfast, and now, subsequently, a late-ish trip to the grocery store for Th*nksg*v*ng supplies. I am contributing a couple of pies and some wine, but otherwise $KID4 is in charge, which is absolutely fine with me. $WIFE (z"l) was always the reigning monarch when it came to T-giving cooking -- she would spend nine hours in the kitchen, literally, with a cadre of helpers doing her bidding, and the results were always worth it. I, however, am not as skilled as she was in the kitchen and furthermore have no desire to be in charge of T-giving dinner whatsoever, as evidenced by last year's turkey day entry. Pies, however... those I can do.

So I am off to dig up the pecan pie and sour cream apple pie recipes, put together something resembling a list, and brave the store the Sunday before the main American feast day. Pray for my sanity.

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11/21/2021 02:08 AM
coding fun
I may or may not have thrown a fit this week and pulled down everything from my Web site with the intent of rebuilding it from the ground up. By "may have" I mean I absolutely did do this thing. Not that it was any great loss -- this last go-around I tried out Wordpress for managing everything but I do not vibe with it at this point. It's an excellent piece of software that has managed to become So Very Much to deal with over the last couple of years, with the unfortunate effect that it's slow and I am too impatient to deal with it. So I moved it aside and have been playing with a very simple Python static site generator. (This generator allegedly has the ability to deal with blog posts, but the functionality on that side is rudimentary to say the least and Dreamwidth does it better.) I forked the repo for the site generator, added a bit of functionality to it to generate the site structure the way I want it, and pretty much have it dialed in at this point.

Other than nerding out, this has been a nice Shabbat. Tomorrow if I don't go to the damn grocery store there will very likely be no pecan pie for Th*nksg*v*ng two years in a row, which is unacceptable. Pray for my ability to acquire any Karo syrup at all.

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