dramatis personae


My lovely, amazing girlfriend. She is the light of my world, my beshert, my sweet femme, and the bravest person I’ve ever known. She makes our house a home every day. To be her partner in life is the greatest, best thing that has ever happened to me. Her touch makes me weak, her look makes me shiver, her voice is like that of an angel, and damn it all, she’s fucking sexy as all hell.

She can quote entire passages from “When Harry Met Sally” at a moment’s notice. She has expensive, expansive taste in just about everything. She can sing through a song twice and know it cold. She’s the most self-aware, perceptive person I have ever known. She fights, daily, through six kinds of hell that would have defeated a lesser woman years ago. She can stand on the bimah and guide her congregation in prayer with such kavanah (intent, focus) that you’d swear she was born to it, and I think she was. Miryam is smart, talented, funny, beautiful, brave, and passionate. She is the love of my life. I am very lucky.

Also, she cracks my shit up on a daily basis, which is always a good thing.

The Monkeys

Miryam’s biological children and my children by virtue of heart and spirit. Four of the coolest people you will ever meet, the monkeys are smart, radical little unschooled subversives. Learning how to be a parent is one of the scariest fucking things I’ve ever done, but they make it worth it.

Regina ("Gino-Momma")

Regina and her family basically adopted Miryam when she, Miryam, was coming out of the closet and her marriage at the same time. Regina is kind, generous, and wise. It's an honor to be one of her people.


My little sister, although “little” is not particularly accurate, considering she has six inches in height on me. Rachel is the mother of my favorite niece. Rachel enlisted in the US Air Force in October 2005 and is currently stationed overseas.