about penguin dust

What's that you say? Why "Penguin Dust"? Well, it's a line in a poem by Gregory Corso that I happen rather to like. According to my ex, Penguin Dust is the leftover residue inside a tin of Penguin Mints. I suppose that'll do.

This web site began life in early 1996 on the engineering subdomain at Louisiana Tech, as "Marcie's Tangle on the Web." It has moved and evolved since then, going through a brief stint at LinkNet and settling down at the Nerd Herd for quite some time. The site moved to snerk.net in late February 1999 and has been here ever since.

As of this writing (December 2017), this site is perpetually out of date because I am Tired. Take it with a grain of salt. Only the about me page is relatively up to date.