What this site is, who I am, other creatures in my life, and credits.

about snerk.net

or, an explanation

snerk: a non-verbal but vocalized expression of amusement, somewhere between a snort and a sarcastic chuckle

This site began life in early 1996 on the engineering subdomain at my university, moved around a few times in the late 90s, and has been at snerk.net since 1999. I chose "snerk" because my sarcastic friends on IRC and I were always making each other laugh and "snerk" was our preferred expression.

about cruftpunk

or, whomst the fucketh

cruftpunk is:

  • an artist
  • a nerd
  • a geek
  • a dad
  • a widow
  • a musician
  • middle-aged
  • extremely queer
  • extremely jewish offsite link
  • an internet veteran, online since 1991 when Bitnet and BBSes were big
  • in favor of a smaller web

about the name

or, what the fuck is a "cruftpunk"

cruftpunk: a hackerly, punny nom de plume created as a sort of portmanteau offsite link of "cruft" and "crustpunk".

cruft: see the Jargon File definition offsite link
crust punk: see UrbanDictionary's definition offsite link

dramatis personae

or, creatures I talk about here

picture of two tuxedo cats

Glitter Princess, aka Her Royal Highness, aka MBWOBM (My Beloved Wife of Blessed Memory™), aka $WIFE: My wife, who died in early 2019. She was a fabulous, gorgeous, loud, opinionated, royal pain in my fucking ass, and I adored her beyond the telling of it.

kids = ["kid1", "kid2", "kid3", "kid4", "kid5"]: $WIFE and I had a passel of kids, all of whom are now in various stages of adulthood.

The Genderless Cryptid: The mysterious featherless biped human with whom I now live.

The Void, Feline of Mystery, Criminal Bastard Man, and Himbo: Our blended household of cats. The Void and Feline of Mystery belong to The Cryptid, and Criminal Bastard Man and Himbo are a pair of tuxedo cats who belong to me. Criminal Bastard Man and Himbo are the ridiculous creatures pictured here.


or, i'd like to thank the academy