or, thomas edison was a witch etc.

independent/small web


  • System76 offsite link - makers of Pop! OS and my hardware vendor of choice


  • Joplin offsite link, a notetaking app intended to replace Evernote. Free and open source.
  • Jellyfin offsite link, a media solution to manage your music, movies, TV shows, etc. Free and open source.
  • Pop!_OS offsite link - Pop! OS, based on Ubuntu


blogging and community



or, fanfic does too count


  • "Hunger Pangs: True Love Bites" offsite link, Joy Demorra. gay werewolf + gay vampire + mysterious probably-gay lady == one outstanding book
  • "The Last Girl Scout" offsite link, Natalie Ironside. Just your typical post-apocalyptic commie love story, featuring draculas and gay trans ladies who shoot people and sometimes h*ld h*nds.
  • "Astielle" offsite link, Kitty Unpretty. From the site: "A half-feral hero, a monster king, a bastard prince, and an open world. Bound by destiny, they save or slay one another, an endless cycle of death and rebirth. When the Moonlight Monster rises, the Starlight Hero is Astielle’s only hope. Unfortunately, she’s a little busy with her rock collection."


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or, remember uroulette? that shit was cool